Cherp was the first Twitter focused marketing agency. The company was founded to provide specialized marketing consulting services as an alternative to all the self proclaimed "social media experts" who had zero marketing experience and traditional agencies who weren't quite sure what to do with it. It was more than an experiment, but never intended to get big. Cherp was a success - quickly garnering media attention and relationships with top national agencies and published the first primary research on Twitter users which was referenced frequently throughout the web. The nice gents over at Twitter even named their conference "Chirp".

It was exciting to be part at the beginning of the Twitter explosion. As of July, 2011 Cherp is no more.

The name and brand will make a comeback someday, but the company has moved on to new frontiers. Cherp Founder, Matt Tharp is working on new projects with Daring Labs which launched Appointron in January 2011.